Sustainable Action

Mission – To promote bicycling as a safe and viable form of transportation.

Method – We lend bicycles to area residents and track the miles ridden.

Location – Currently we have one open location, in El Portal, CA at the Yosemite High School.

Climate Friendly Bike Program - Is a recent inniative in partnership with the National Park Service, National Parks Conservation Association, Sustainable Action and Yosemite Highschool.  It is a fleet of twenty loaner bicycles available for National Park Service employees whom live and work in El Portal, CA and wish to borrow a bike for commuting.

Climate Friendly Bike Program Accomplishments:

  • Innitive began in July 2011
  • Developed and are maintaining a fleet of twenty properly functioning mountain bikes
  • Logged over 4,500 miles ridden
  • Prevented roughly 4,200 pounds of carbondioxide - More about that calculation.

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Yosemite High School


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We are a non-profit/volunteer organization.Any help is invaluable.